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Help! Can't enter WEP key

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I have a Nikon Coolpix s52c. I am looking at the screen where I enter a WEP key for a wireless network I want to connect to. I have entered the WEP key. Now how do I tell it that I am done entering the WEP key and I wish to continue?

I have pushed every button there is on this thing and I simply cannot get it to go past the point of entering a WEP key and continue on to sending an image. One of the selections on the screen where I enter a WEP key includes the standard "enter" symbol picturing a line that goes down and to the left, but when I select it nothing happens.

I downloaded the owner's manual for the Coolpic s52c from nikonusa.com, but it does not tell how to do that. I googled "Nikon coolpix wireless LAN connection guide" and found a manual on nikonusa.com for the s51c, but not the s52c. What do I do?

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On April 18th, 2011 05:18 am (UTC), lupine52 commented:
Oh and it says in the Wireless LAN connection guide on page 27 that you put the WEP key in with the rotary dial and when your satisfied with the info you highlight the enter key (symbol picturing a line that goes down and to the left) and press the OK button
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On April 18th, 2011 07:34 am (UTC), cloudchaser_s replied:
Much thanx for the link to the wireless manual! I spent a good bit of time trying to find it myself, but I must have been looking in the wrong places.

I unfortunately don't have the disk you mention. How I got the camera is that it was in the lost and found at a relative's workplace for two months and it went unclaimed, so knowing that I didn't have a camera, my relative gave it to me.

The enter key/symbol you mention is where I kept getting stuck before I made my post. After putting in the WEP key, I'd select that key/symbol and press the OK button, but nothing would happen. I'll try again later this morning when I can access the network that requires a key.
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On April 18th, 2011 02:01 pm (UTC), cloudchaser_s replied:
Found the problem. I have to first go into settings to set it up to connect to a password protected connection and while doing that, I have to select WPA2-PSK instead of WEP, at least on the network I was trying to connect to. I guess there's some technical reason why they couldn't make it as easy as simply entering the password when asked and it just connects without being complicated
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