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Black Friday Freebie: share this journal, comment here (https://www.furaffinity.net/journal/4055619/) with the link to your sharing, and be entered to win one of three drawings in this style, (https://www.furaffinity.net/view/7979341/) & (https://www.furaffinity.net/view/7979313/) donated by :iconkryistina:
F3 Convention, Missouri's Furry Con, is really going to happen, and with your help, we can make it great!
F3, Missouri's Furry Convention
Springfield, MO
December 14th-16th, 2012
Howard Johnson Inn & Convention Center
F3 is Springfield Missouri's first furry convention, dedicated to fans of all ages who enjoy anthropomorphic animal characters such as cartoons. Our primary goal is to entertain and educate about anthropomorphic artistry of all varieties, exploring creativity while enriching the lives of youth through costuming and showcasing the talents of the local community, while raising  funds for our chosen animal charity.
2012 Will be our first convention and we would love for you  to celebrate our “grand opening” with us!
Guests of Honor are Calamity Cougar, Okidoki Coyote, and Hazard!
We are still looking for someone to come in and do greenscreen photos in the dealer's room as well!
Also, we have a huge special! The first 100 pre-registrations will be getting a free F3 keychain! This is retroactive, so if you have already registered as an artist, vendor, or attendee of any rank, you get a free keychain too! =^_^=
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Hanging out in the fox enclosure at the British Wildlife Centre.

This was a photography day at the Centre, so we were allowed to go inside the enclosures, and the animals were bribed with food to come out and look pretty for us. For the foxes, the looking pretty is easy, but sometimes they forget about the "coming out" part.

Prints available from redbubble.

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I have noticed that there isn't any forums for those of us furs that are into photography! Trying to gauge how much demand there would be, were I to make one. I would mostly be making it vendor-neutral, but with links to various resources. I would also be including some "how-to" for taking more than snapshots, especially getting those in fursuits...

Show of paws, hands, hoofs, etc. for those that would go to a photography forum?

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I have a Bausch & Lomb 4,000MM lens up for sale, $100.00 USD firm, here's the specs:

15 to 60 X 4,000mm focal range 25ft to infinity.

Model: 78-1600
Magnification: 15-60x
Objective: 60mm
Lens Coating: Multi
Field of View (ft@1000yds / m@1000m): 150/50@15x; 38/13@60x
Exit Pupil: 4@15x / 1@60x
Close Focus: 25 ft.
Weight (oz/g): 48.5/1373
Length (in/mm): 17.5/445
And a pic of it: http://www.furaffinity.net/view/907904
It comes with a canon digital mount but the T mount will allow it to butt up to damn near anything.
Anyone interested?


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Anyone ever use this thing or is this just a gimmick for old ppl to use?
It seems handy, but I like my card reader it looks faster.
Though this thing might be cool to play with.
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Earlier this year, Willowfox (CountSmackula) had contacted me on FurAffinity because I had started a group there with the same name as this LiveJournal community; welcoming me to link between the two. I've had a rather busy year since that time and the FA account went inactive as I didn't have the time nor effort to want to put into the group shortly after this fact.

I've got time now, and the world is covered in snow outdoors where I live so my gear is kinda... collecting dust for the winter months. I'm trying to get back into going through my huge archives of photos and get into editing; so I can post more to my FA and personal site which is in dire need of an overhaul.

The FA community is: http://www.furaffinity.net/user/photografurs/ I've allready done my part and linked the FA page to this LJ so you might see a few more members sign up from FA as well :).

We gathered a pretty good number of members inspite of my idleness for the last six months. Feel free to join; I'll be favoriting photos on the journal as well as re-uploading photos per request through a PM.

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Sick Cock
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Someone forgot his bike under the pigeon bridge...


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Raccoon wall Mural

This is a Wall Mural that adorns a wall in Montreal Quebec near the intersection of Rene Levesque and St. Laurent.  Its an interesting piece as the original art appears to be graffitied upon but in a creative way.  Its either that or the graffiti is intentional.  I tend to think the graffiti was added over time but its a nice piece of urban art regardless.
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No matter how good a photographer you are, you just can't compete with cat macros (or squirrels, or whatever)

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