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Raccoons :-)

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Raccoon wall Mural

This is a Wall Mural that adorns a wall in Montreal Quebec near the intersection of Rene Levesque and St. Laurent.  Its an interesting piece as the original art appears to be graffitied upon but in a creative way.  Its either that or the graffiti is intentional.  I tend to think the graffiti was added over time but its a nice piece of urban art regardless.
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On October 5th, 2010 05:29 am (UTC), shiver_raccoon commented:
Wow, that's pretty good actually! The facial markings aren't perfect, but they (and the tail rings) are a lot better than 95% of the furry art out there. I only see 4 fingers on the hand, but one could argue that the other one is hidden behind some of the graffiti garbage.
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